Strisuksa Roi Et School

Strisuksa Secondary School is a government school located in the heart of the northeast of the country. The location is approximately 500 km from Bangkok. The area is famous for its’ Jasmine Rice, prevalence of local culture, and generous hearted people. Approximately 12% of the school’s students are enrolled in the English Program. This is a tuition based program, with core subjects taught by native English speakers. Students are encouraged to become proficient in English communicative skills through this program. The English Program is the representative of the school in SEA². It is a tremendous honor for Strisuksa School to be the host of the 4th annual conference, to be held August 21-15, 2017. A full schedule of events can be found on the agenda. We look forward to welcoming our alliance members to the SEA² conference and extend our hands in friendship to all who wish to visit us, now or in the future.