Sekolah Darma Yudha

Sekolah Darma Yudha
Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Darma Yudha School is a private non-denominational national plus school. The great meaning attached on the school name, Darma Yudha means Young Achievers which is parallel to the vision and the mission of the founder – the devotion of Young Achievers to the country and the nation. 


Provide high quality education which emphasizes on the blending of intellectual and spiritual development and healthy environment. 


  1. Providing a good learning environment and direct students to develop their academic, emotional and social potentials.
  2. Guiding students to develop their self-motivation, self-discipline, self-esteem, independence and creative thinking
  3. Encouraging students to understand and respect themselves and others and to empathize toward people throughout the world
  4. Developing students attitude, health and creativity through religious activities, character, sports, arts and culture
  5. Introducing students to the environmental awareness and global knowledge through teaching and learning, student work, networking, etc.

Darma Yudha School implements the three-language-approach: Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. Indonesian and English are the dominant languages used in the teaching and learning process, while Mandarin is taught gradually according to the age and level of students’ abilities. The Curriculum of Darma Yudha School is to design the high academic standards, referring to the National and International education system. In addition, besides the basic lessons, a variety of useful extra activities or co-curricular are available to hone the students’ talent, courage and sensitivity. We believe every single child is gifted a “folded dream” inside. With this faith, we underlie our motto “Unfold the Dream” every child has. Behind every DREAM, there are 5 supporting factors to realize the dream comes true. It consists of Definite, Real, Empower, Achieve, and Motivate. D.R.E.A.M will become 5 solid foundations in every aspect at Darma Yudha School.